by Jason Reynolds

Ayant réussi à échapper, avec sa mère, à son père qui leur tirait dessus, Castle, un adolescent, a pris en secret le surnom de Ghost, pour s'être vu tel un fantôme dans les yeux de l'épicier qui les a cachés cette nuit-là. Un jour, en rentrant du collège où ses camarades ont pris l'habitude de le maltraiter, il observe des coureurs s'exercer. L'entraîneur lui propose alors de les rejoindre.

Publication Information

Published: 2017

Originally written in French

Number of Pages: 186

Recommended FSL Programs and Grades

  • Grade 9 (Extended, Immersion)

  • Grade 10 (Extended)

  • Grade 11 (Extended)

  • Grade 12 (Core)

Race/Ethnic/Geographic Information

Author: Born in Washington, DC, Black/African/Caribbean Heritage

Characters: Black/African/Caribbean Heritage

Setting: An American city

Notes from a teacher-reader

  • An enjoyable read with a cliffhanger.

  • Book one of four (only books 1 and 2 have been translated).

  • Titles are the same in English and French (making it tricky to find).

  • Very engaging.

  • Plot - boy in Grade 7, 8 or 9. Grew up in a low-income neighbourhood, very ashamed of this. Walking around one day and seeing an elite track practise and realizes he’s faster than the fastest person on that team. (He beats the fastest person on the team in his basketball shoes, the coach sees him and offers him a spot on the team right away).

  • The first chapter we learn that the father was abusive - goes to jail (stays there throughout the novel). Explains that’s how he learned how to run: to escape his father when the father was shooting at him and his mom.

  • Negative stereotype reinforced: Black family in low-income housing with domestic abuse. However that’s not the entire theme in the story. It is in fact uplifting story.

  • Not much to discuss in terms of character analysis, no literary devices. However, great read for pleasure, that’s why recommended for Grade 9 Immersion class, maybe Grade 10 if you want to do character analysis.

  • Develops relationship with the coach who takes him under his wing.

  • Uplifting - as we learn the coach is from the same neighborhood as the main character but he made a life for himself.

  • Good to have in the library of the school.

  • Classroom use:

    • Leisure read for Immersion students

    • Great for strong Core students

    • Some characters have challenges in life that some of our students may relate to

    • Thematic analysis or symbolism not possible

    • Emotional analysis of the character is possible

    • Content warnings: Domestic abuse and emotional trauma

Feel free to contact the teacher-reader, Amanda Cloutier, at if you have questions about this novel.