Petit Pays

by Gaël Faye

Though it is a story that involves art, it is not typical in any way... After growing up in Senegal, Zeinixx decides that street art is her calling. As an artist, she finds a sense of peace in large-scale painting - graffiti. So, she decides to take on a new journey, a new lifestyle for herself that will allow her to express herself in a way that is empowering to women, practice her art, and be part of another community. Her story is one of strength, empowerment and the will to follow your heart. Senegal's first female graffiti artist, Zeinixx, defies gender stereotypes as one of the top graffiti artists in West Africa. Zeinixx uses both graffiti and slam poetry for social good and is passionate about promoting the rights of women and girls in Senegal. 

Published: 2016

Originally written in French

Number of pages: 224

Recommended FSL Programs and Grades

Race/Ethnic/Geographic Information

Author: Rwandan and French

Characters: Rwandan

Setting: Rwanda

Notes from a teacher-reader

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