Yoko Tsuno Tome 11: La spirale du temps

by Roger Leloup

La Spirale du temps (The Time Spiral) is the eleventh book from Yoko Tsuno comic book series written by Roger Leloup.

Published: 1986

Originally written in French

Number of pages: 44

Recommended FSL Programs and Grades

  • Grade 10 (Immersion)

  • Grade 11 (Extended, Immersion)

  • Grade 12 (Core, Extended, Immersion)

Race/Ethnic/Geographic Information

Author: Originally published in French however author is not Japanese

Characters: Main character is a Japanese teenager who solves problems

Setting: In this edition, she stumbles upon a visitor from the future whose time travelling machine has been stolen by criminals and she needs to save the time traveler

Notes from a teacher-reader

  • Sci-fi bande dessinée has total of 44 pages published in the 70s but because it's sci-fi you don't realize its age.

  • Novel is composed of journal/diary entries

Classroom Use:

  • No symbolism or reading between the lines required.

  • Language level is difficult however plotline more targeted towards a middle school audience

  • Would be perfect for classroom library

Hook: High action, sci-fi, similar to the animé our students love!

Feel free to contact the teacher-reader, Amanda Cloutier, at amanda.cloutier@peelsb.com if you have questions about this novel.