Dakota parle des traités

by Kelly Crawford

Dakota Parle des Traités is French language edition of Dakota Talks about Treaties published by the Union of Ontario of Indians in 2017. This 8-page illustrated book designed for primary level students explains the importance of treaties to Indigenous students as well as non-Indigenous readers. Told from Dakota's perspective the book begins as Dakota gives a speech to her classmates. She recounts her family's trip to a celebration of the Treaty of Niagara in Niagara Falls. This is where Dakota saw wampum belts and heard speeches about the history of this treaty. She also explained to her class that the treaties are living agreements and sacred promises. The final page provides a few suggestions for teachers who explain to students that we are all treaty people. Simple sentences, colour illustrations and large font make this an excellent student resource about treaties and wampum for primary and junior level readers. Highly recommended. 

Published: 2017

Originally written in Anishinabemowin, English and French

Number of pages: 8

Recommended FSL Programs and Grades

Race/Ethnic/Geographic Information

Author: Indigenous (Nippissing First Nation, Ontario)

Characters: Indigenous

Setting: Niagara Falls

Notes from a teacher-reader

Feel free to contact the teacher-reader, Karen Devonish-Mazzotta, at kdevonish-mazzotta@edu.yorku.ca if you have questions about this novel.